(For current students of The Write Place)  


October 2013 

This month's competition needs to be entered by Wednesday 23rd October. 


The Competition:

As most of you know, November is National Novel Writing Month. The aim is to write 50,000 words in the one month. Some of us do not write novels or we cannot manage to commit to 50,000 words. But why not set yourself a goal for your writing in November?

This month's competition is to write a detailed plan of your writing month. Treat it as a plan that you can work to during the month. Show also what your end goals are, whether it's to write part of a novel, poems, fillers, articles or short stories - or a mix of all items!

I don't want a list of items as this doesn't show anything. I want to see a plan of days, word counts and goals to achieve. Write your plan so that it can be used as a tick list during November. You can put your name on this month's entry as it will be judged on planning and thought rather than the kind of writing achieved.