Rising Stars

The Write Place is proud of all its students and we are especially keen to promote and encourage students working hard towards reaching publication along with our newer students who are just starting out. 


Barbara Clements


Barbara Clements is a dancer and exercise teacher. She's been teaching exercise for 30 years and running dance clubs for fourteen.

She joined Elaine's classes as a beginner four years ago. Having been involved in dance all her life, she found it refreshing to do something completely different. She enjoyed writing short stories, although had a problem keeping to the stated amount of words! Barbara joined the Write a Novel class and thought she'd have a go at a longer project.

Her novel is progressing well and Barbara is enjoying the research associated with it.

Barbara wants to explore every type of writing possible. Her short story, Gone, is in the Kindle Anthology Things That Go Bump In the Night.


Giovanna Burgess 




Giovanna lives near Dartford and much of her time is spent studying for a degree in psychology and looking after her two-year-old son.

She joined the Novel class in 2010, to write a teen fantasy following the adventures of Iduna and her wolf spirit, Rann. Currently she is working on a science fiction called Eiarinos, along with several young children's picture books. She also enjoys writing short stories and will write poetry at a pinch.

Her spooky story, The Puppet Master, was included in The Write Place anthology Things That Go Bump In the Night.




Michael Deal


Michael Deal lives in Gravesend and has been writing since 2004. He has been a student in a number of different classes, exploring various types of writing. 

Currently he is a member of the Write a Novel class, writing a Sci-Fi novel on espionage. This is a topic of which he has much knowledge, having studied this area of interest for many years. He hopes to get it published one day.

Michael has won or been placed in several competitions at Swanley Scribblers, Kent Adult Education and The Write Place.


Georgina Websdale


Born and bred in Dartford, Georgina has lived there for over 48 years, indeed her mum still sleeps in the bedroom where Georgina made her entry into the world. First and foremost a mother to three grown up children - two of whom still live at home - and wife to Brian for 31 years, Georgina is a medical secretary in London. The three hour round trip each day gives her time to catch up on her reading and plan her writing projects. She can also reflect on what she'd really love to do one day, which is to find her "voice" and earn a living from writing.

Writing poetry has always been a passion. Georgina won a local competition at the grand age of nine for a poem called "The Sea".  Since joining The Write Place Georgina has found the encouragement and support she needs to "get writing". She knows it's hard work, requiring practice and determination, but she also believes that nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough.


Samantha Whayman


Samantha Whayman lives in Dartford with her husband Matt and her four children. She has worked at Royal Mail for ten years as a post woman.

Her enjoyment of reading has engendered many of her own ideas for books. Feeling she needed help getting them down on paper, she decided to join the Write a Novel course to gain encouragement and confidence to start writing. She recently changed over to the Get Writing class, in the hope of achieving some short term goals.

Her story, Daffodil Hill, can be read in the Kindle Anthology Things That Go Bump In the Night.