The Write Place has published its first ebook on Kindle!


Things that go Bump in the Night!


 A Kindle anthology of 21 supernatural

 stories written by members of

The Write Place





Gothic horror, historical, contemporary fiction, poignant tales, romance and even comedy are all here to be enjoyed.


 Costing a very reasonable £3.16, the ebook can be loaded onto a Kindle device or onto your pc via a simple free download available from Amazon.





Introduction by Elaine Everest & Francesca Burgess

Zoë's Car by Christine Webb

Nana's Helper by Gerry Savill

Better Late than Never by Catherine Burrows

The Cherry Orchard by Angela Johnson

Buddha by Natalie Kleinman

Good Ghost, Bad Spirit by Stephen Reed

Highly Strung by Rosemary Goodacre

One Man and his Cat by Michael Deal

The Old Medicine Chest by Pat Clarke

Daffodil Hill by Samantha Whayman

Flight 45 by Andy Prue

Christmas Cottage by Elaine Everest

Stained Glass by Linda Tovey

Gone by Barbara Clements

The Puppet Master by Giovanna Burgess

Boo! by Adam Bird

The Voice from the Old Pumping Station by Judith Webb

Small Blessings by Mark Bigg

Innocent until Proven Guilty by Valerie Miller

Danny's Special Project by Tracy Phillips

The Train to Necropolis by Francesca Burgess