Ann West



Ann West's early career was within the printing industry. Part of her job was to write technical leaflets for their products. Since retiring, Ann has taken up writing and painting. Other hobbies are collecting and riding historic motorcycles, gardening and reading.

Ann lives in a small hamlet in north Kent with her husband Mike and is owned by two cats. An active member of the local Village Hall Committee, She has written and produced an annual newsletter for the past five years. Originally a single page, it has now increased to two and includes some photographs. Ann was the principal architect in producing a village calendar for 2009 and 2010 (many of the photographs having been taken by her). Both of them have sold well. She has also produced one for 2011 which is now on sale.

Ann has had several short stories published in The Weekly News, The People's Friend, Yours and also You (South Africa). She recently sold a story to Yours for their Yearbook. In 2006 she had a short story published in the anthology Sexy Shorts for the Beach, whilst in 2011 she had one published in Diamonds and Pearls.

Ann's success as an artist was recorded in the Daily Express in a feature by journalist Kelly Rose Bradford:-


Ann's Success Stories :-

Feb 2006 - 'Driving Her Crazy' in Sexy Shorts for the Beach.

March 2008 - 'The Samaritan' - The Weekly News.

March 2008 - 'The Easter Eggs' - The Weekly News.

July 2008 - 'Back in the Saddle' - The People's Friend.

May 2009 - 'Hooray for Henry' - The Weekly News.

June 2009 - 'Stage Struck' - The People's Friend.

Sept 2009 - 'Barefaced Robbery' - The Weekly News.

May 2010 - 'Shopping Around' - You (South Africa)

October 2010 - 'The Raffle Prze' - A Year With Yours

February 2011 - 'The Robbery' - Diamonds and Pearls