Rosemary Goodacre



Rosemary has worked in the computer industry and teaching, besides raising a family. She has always loved writing and belonged to creative writing groups. She loves reading books that transport her into a different time or place, or look at familiar scenes in a fresh way, and aims to achieve that in her writing. She has recently become more serious about seeking publication for her short stories and novel. She has been short-listed in competitions, including national ones, and had stories published in The Weekly News and Take a Break, Fiction Feast. She has been published in The Guardian.

Rosemary's interests include languages, travel and classical music. Her father's family came from the continent and were intriguingly multicultural. This has helped inspire her novel Pleasure Train Polka, set in Austria on the brink of the First World War.


This year Rosemary joined the New Writers Scheme of the Romantic Novelists' Association and sent her new novel The Ugly Sister for a critique by a professional writer. Now she has received a generally encouraging report and is editing the novel further.


She has recently embarked on the blog Writing Spirits jointly with other members of The Write Place.

 Rosemary's successes to date:

August 2014 - Novel, Pleasure Train Polka short-listed in Corazon books competition

April 2014:Temptation in the Aisles, Take a Break Fiction Feast June 2013: Summer Festival, published in The Weekly News

 June 2012: Uncle Jack, Star of the Gaumont, a Playlist piece in the Family Guardian.


January 2012: In Their Image, 3rd prize in the Earlyworks Press Science Fiction Challenge.


November 2011: Highly Strung, a ghost story included in the Kindle anthology Things That Go Bump In the Night


August 2011: L'Exposition, 1st prize in a writing competition in LaVie Outre-Manche, a magazine for learners of French writing.


July 2011: Berlin on the Spree, Commended in Leaf Books travel competition.


June 2011: Water, Shortlisted flash fiction on Writers' Toolkit.


August 2009: Moving the Goalposts, in the Top 10 in Vanda Inman's Write Space 'Families' competition