Our Classes



Wednesday evenings 7.00 - 9.00 pm

Learn to craft a novel from start to finish. The sessions focus on every issue you will need to address to create your masterpiece. Subjects include ideas and planning, characters, plot, dialogue, theme and style. Students are encouraged to write a set number of words each week, breaking the project into manageable chunks. We cover finding agents and publishers and preparing a novel for publication and competitions. Fellow students provide invaluable support and feedback.

Contact for further details:

Elaine Everest

01322 662364



We charge for classes each month so there is no need to pay ahead for a term or for the length of a course. Classes are ongoing. All we ask is that you pay for the full month at the first class of that month. It is £34.00 for a four week month and £42.50 for a five week month. We accept cash or cheque.

Don't forget your monthly payment includes free refreshments, a free student only monthly competition, a speaker (or group) event and unlimited feedback and support from a currently published tutor and students.

Classes are run by a published writer who is also a qualified tutor. 


Along with the classes, we are unique in offering regular speakers, monthly student competitions, workshops, a supportive closed facebook page and the opportunity for students to have profiles and publicity for their published work on both our web site and public facebook page.